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As part of the international Trefl family, Trefl Scandinavia AB offers a complete range of customized and personalized playing cards, specialty cards, puzzles and board games in addition to a market-leading assortment of standard playing cards. More than 200 game editors and game creators in Europe and the USA trust in Trefl's manufacturing expertise. Not only because of our high-quality products, but also thanks to our experienced and accommodating staff who always do their very best to satisfy each client's specific needs. This knowledge and flexibility paired with our short production lead-times and rapid transport make us a strong partner for anyone working with playing cards, puzzles or board games.

It is fitting that Trefl has its headquarters and its manufacturing in Krakow, since it was here that the country's first playing card makers established themselves in the 16th century. From being a small family-operated company in 1947, Trefl has grown into becoming central Europe's largest manufacturer of playing cards, with market shares not only in every European country but also in the USA and in Canada.

During 2012 Trefl manufactured more than 10 million decks of playing cards! We are continuously ambitious in terms of our future plans and we feel confidence as we face new challenges and solutions. Welcome to the world of Trefl!

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